Stop hoping for change and Become the revolution. 

The first step is simple:

Read our mission. Choose to take part. Declare. 

Declaration of Evolution

We stand for an exquisite future.

By this declaration, we commit to the intelligent and intentional evolution of our world.

We choose to identify and resolve critical issues - locally and globally  

By taking this stand, we pledge to the future we all know is possible. A future that feels right in our minds and in our hearts. We commit to authenticity and to living with integrity and intention.  

We will strive to make every decision in relation to this feeling and this future as we create a tomorrow that is better than today.

We will create a new world that prioritizes transparency, connection, success, integrity, equality, and love; a society that recognizes that we are shaping the world into what it is becoming - right now.

In order to bring this about we look to create a network that distributes impact as effectively as it ensures the distribution of our best future into every aspect of our society so we can share the best of our behaviors globally.

This is a way to join together on a journey that is deeply personal and all-embracing. A connection with the stability of small groups and the power of global scale. A commitment by each of us to be distinct  in all the roles in our lives.  Parent. Consumer. Student. Teacher. Business leader.Public servant. Community member. Friend. Lover. Hero on our own personal journey. As individuals and as stewards of our world.

We commit to a tomorrow which honors: freedom of personal belief, a truly democratic political process, a high level of universal education, healthcare, and basic income, as well as an impartial and accessible system of justice. A world in which technology is applied in ways that are in balance with the natural environment and support each of us in being our best. A world in which we are rewarded for our efforts, while providing for the extended family that is humanity.

This vision will continue to evolve - a path with no end. A journey through which we achieve a culture and society we are proud of. A world in which individuals and businesses connect to bring about the best possible tomorrow.

In ratifying this document, I pledge to bring about this future in my thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I commit to living with integrity for myself and my fellow humans, identifying disparities and working to resolve them in the accomplishment of this great vision.

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How Are We Doing It?

How Can I Help?

Start by choosing a level of participation:

  • Least time / passive participant
  • Limited time / I'll share, cheer you on, and may even jump into the fray once in a while
  • More time / A successful future for everyone lights my fire and I want to find out how to do as much as I can while I keep working my day job and raising my kids.
  • Most time / I'm deeply aligned. I want to spearhead a project or work with you to bring the evolution to a new industry. Just as likely...I have a company or project that's already aligned and I want to collaborate.

Good question. And the answer is both complex and simple. 

The short answer: Singular commitment to the future we have chosen and unbridled obsession with bringing it about. 

The long answer: There are lots of moving parts involving multiple industries, innovative technologies, new approaches to global community, a singular but expansive value set, beautiful storytelling, massive community building, actionable behaviors and you.  


Evolution begins and ends with the best version of you. So...anytime you see this symbol, it means reset; come back home. It means unity, evolution, being a good person, and the unblemishable will to create this future to which we've all committed. 


Also, anytime you see this symbol associated with a company - it's our way of saying, "they're part of the team, support them!"